Stainless Steel Brackets 300mm

Stainless Steel Folding Brackets 300mm

These Stainless Steel Brackets are ideal for a display or functional shelf.

You will receive One set = 2x brackets.


For the best weight capacity, these brackets need to be fitted into a wooden stud along the length of your shelf when fitting it onto a hollow cavity wall. These can also be fitted into a solid brick/masonry type wall for the maximum weight capacity of up to 100 Kg per pair. However,depending on factors such as wall type, condition of the masonry wall, the wall fixings used, and depth of the shelf fitted to the brackets. The brackets long side can be overlapped (by no more than a third of the bracket length) by the shelf which is being fitted and the shelf must be secured to the brackets using the provided fixing holes in the top surface of the bracket. Please note the weight capacity of the brackets decreases with an increase in the shelf depth.

Widely Application – These folding brackets are ideal for many do-it-yourself jobs around the house. You can use steel Folding arms to built a collapsible bench on your backyard fence for additional seating; Use to make a collapsible table for your room; Installed a folding counter in your BBQ trailer; Build a table that folds up from the wall,and so on.

Space Saving: The hinges lock at 90 degrees. When you want to collapse the table simply press the release arm. Excellent performance suitable for limited spaces when you want a work surface that can be folded down and out of the way. Helps keep your room organized.


Aussie Brackets

We are Australias leading brackets supplier for heavy duty folding brackets.  All of our brackets are tested here in our Australian warehouse.  We are also 100% Australian owned.  All brackets have been designed and engineered here in Australia. We also ship Australia Wide.

Heavy Duty Fold Down Bracket (X600FA) Set of 2

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Stainless Steel Folding Brackets