We decided to build this product , due to trying to find a heavy duty fold down bracket / workbench, It hadto be strong but also fold away , and there was nothing out there that could do the job to a high enough standard! you have probably also been looking? And like us have found nothing! just products with false claims about the strength and are awkward to use.

So we set about to design and build something new, it had to be super strong, easy to use, and of good quality. What we came up with was a new innovative but simple locking mechanism that could handle just about anything, we went out and got a worldwide patent and started manufacturing. We are based in Victoria Australia , so we build and designed it aussie tuff! The product has now taken off , and is now used in so many applications not just in the workshop .

Kitchens, bunk beds, caravans, trailers, BBQ areas, the list goes on!

Fitting instructions & Important info